Attorney Joe Otte Pittsburgh Allegheny County


Attorney Joe Otte is committed to zealously representing his clients in state and federal court, and his breadth of experience makes him well-suited to do so.  Whether your case will be a plea bargain or a jury trial, Attorney Joe Otte will use his experience and passion to advocate for you.

While attending the Duquesne University School of Law, Attorney Otte dedicated his time and energy to learning the practice of criminal law in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.  Mr. Otte enrolled in the criminal prosecution practicum, learning  the practices and policies of the Allegheny County District Attorney.  He also took part in Duquesne's nationally-recognized trial advocacy program, where he learned the fundamentals of trial advocacy that he would later use in numerous jury and bench trials.

After law school, Attorney Otte began defending people accused of crimes at the Allegheny County Office of the Public Defender.  While an Assistant Public Defender, he gained a reputation for fighting for his clients against a system that prioritized efficiency over due process.  Having spent a year handling preliminary hearings, he moved on to the Phoenix Docket where he handled hundreds of DUI's, drug possessions, and retail thefts.

After leaving the Phoenix Docket, Attorney Otte assumed a trial caseload and continued to vigorously fight for his clients.  Mr. Otte quickly developed a reputation within the defense bar for having a passion for the practice of criminal defense and trial advocacy.  He spent hours upon hours preparing his cases for trial, including the filing of successful motions to suppress and petitions for writ of habeas corpus.


When it becomes necessary, Attorney Otte and his client go to trial fully prepared to not only defend against the Commonwealth's case, but to attack the accusation.